Mon 3rd, 18:20, Oct 2011
More at DesignBoom
Sun 2nd, 11:12, Oct 2011
Methodically chopping heads off bodies in advertisements. More at Flickr
Thu 29th, 17:44, Sep 2011
A modern interpretation of an old practice, 'cubs' by moscow-based photographer oleg dou is a series of images that draw from the..
Wed 21st, 19:21, Sep 2011
Wed 24th, 19:23, Aug 2011
Thu 28th, 13:32, Apr 2011
These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took..
Sun 3rd, 17:26, Apr 2011 marked it's presence at famous Leopold Cafe in Mumbai, India.
Wed 30th, 17:47, Mar 2011
Some pictures i took couple of weeks ago in India.
Wed 30th, 14:14, Mar 2011 is going to be a bit bigger and bolder, soon.Stay tuned, Sign up, Enjoy good food and be inspired.
Wed 30th, 14:04, Mar 2011
Facematch is a simple way to connect and communicate with people nearby. Going full monty in June 2011.You can follow us on Facebook
Tue 7th, 22:46, Dec 2010
My contribution to the "City of Hanoi 1000 years" logo contest.
Tue 7th, 19:35, Dec 2010
Some work from the past. Camping equipment packaging, pictograms
Tue 7th, 19:19, Dec 2010
Just finished creating christmas packaging papers and other id-pattern related material for Lithuanian lifestyle boutique called Decode.
Tue 7th, 18:58, Dec 2010
Couple of weeks ago me and Anni came back from FINEST trip to Riga.Some picturesPÖFF Reference Finnish Embassy Reference
Mon 6th, 19:21, Dec 2010
Mon 6th, 19:13, Dec 2010
Gift for a friend.
Fri 29th, 11:33, Oct 2010
We're currently working on a project called"Our idea is simple. We want people to eat together, not alone.Eat With Me is a social..
Fri 29th, 11:27, Oct 2010
Finished designing an iphone app. Icons and general look and feel of the app.App is called PartyShouts and it's free.See more at App Store.
Fri 13th, 21:16, Aug 2010
This design transforms mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape by making only small alterations to existing pylon design...
Fri 13th, 20:30, Aug 2010
Fri 13th, 19:39, Aug 2010
Fri 13th, 14:27, Aug 2010
Mustikas, Nutikas Ostukeskus
Thu 29th, 16:50, Jul 2010
Thu 29th, 14:26, Jul 2010
Massive patterns by Sam Songailohttp://www.songailo.net
Thu 17th, 15:06, Jun 2010
Work in progress...
Wed 26th, 17:30, May 2010
Presented @ Plink-Plonk.
Wed 12th, 18:57, May 2010
We just kicked off this years Jazz Fest. 11th year, beat that!
Thu 1st, 13:53, Apr 2010
Via Ads of the World
Fri 19th, 16:17, Feb 2010
ST Design, a Norweigan desing company - superb stuff.
Mon 18th, 16:12, Jan 2010
Tue 5th, 19:58, Jan 2010
Delicious items by Made in England. I especially love the Stalin tunic and Churchill suit  .
Mon 14th, 22:51, Dec 2009
Kumi Yamashita creates some really amazing and impressive shadow works using simple and ordinary objects.Similar shadow art is created by artist M..
Mon 14th, 22:32, Dec 2009
More info on his site.
Mon 14th, 22:23, Dec 2009
Apple Time Capsule converted into a gift box by Instructibles
Mon 14th, 17:29, Dec 2009
Amazing paintings by Jacek Yerka. Giclée is making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet..
Thu 3rd, 16:36, Dec 2009
Nice ad for Glassing sunglasses by Young & Rubicam.Young & RubicamGlassing sunglasses
Thu 3rd, 16:17, Dec 2009
The "would be Willy Wonka's shop". Design wise as delicious as chocolate.Godiva chocolate.Wonderwall.
Thu 26th, 14:21, Nov 2009
Urban Camouflage is a project of Sabina Keric and Yvonne Bayer
Wed 25th, 13:10, Nov 2009
Taken a few weeks ago at Laiuse.
Mon 23rd, 21:06, Nov 2009
Douillard + Lõo, Maria und Maria, Antonina.
Mon 23rd, 20:37, Nov 2009
Mon 23rd, 20:23, Nov 2009
Mon 23rd, 18:48, Nov 2009
Mon 23rd, 15:26, Nov 2009
A car in my hotel in Vienna.
Thu 19th, 15:16, Nov 2009
Tue 17th, 18:10, Nov 2009
Campaign by french group Sÿclo for Shoes Up.
Mon 16th, 19:46, Nov 2009
I finished a while ago these custom Pig flu logo pins.If you're interested, let me know :)
Fri 13th, 17:12, Nov 2009
Nic Webb and brilliantly hand-carved pieces. 
Fri 13th, 17:09, Nov 2009
Brilliant idea.
Fri 13th, 17:01, Nov 2009
A range of bold, vivid colours covering most of the package draws focus to the custom illustrations and the feature bread windows. And, it's all..
Tue 3rd, 20:16, Nov 2009
It's a simple, easy to commit and just simply great formular for a lot of things.
Wed 14th, 11:44, Oct 2009
Artdesign studio from Belarus, Minsk
Wed 14th, 11:35, Oct 2009
A concept by Moscow-based creative firm Firma, the Chupa Chups 18+.
Wed 7th, 12:42, Oct 2009
These are by Kutlu.
Wed 7th, 12:39, Oct 2009
Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner book has just been released. Incredible black-and-white shots of sand, sea, and planes.
Tue 8th, 14:03, Sep 2009
German biologist Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel (February 16, 1834 – August 9, 1919)
Wed 26th, 19:19, Aug 2009
Tue 18th, 16:25, Aug 2009
Architecture in Helsinki.And some music to go with it.
Tue 11th, 10:14, Aug 2009
I'm off to Helsinki, flowfestival.
Fri 7th, 18:30, Aug 2009
It’s been 25 years since the iconic LOMO LC-A graced the analogue world with its extraordinarily colorful pictures framed with vignettes. To..
Wed 5th, 17:51, Aug 2009
Separated, each table looks great as a side table. Together, the tables can be positioned in an infinite number of ways as a coffee table. ..
Wed 5th, 17:29, Aug 2009
Bio-accessories is a series of wearable couture pieces which mask the unpleasant sights, sounds and scents of the city. They will be exhibited..
Tue 28th, 10:32, Jul 2009
Short working week. Off to Saaremaa.
Fri 24th, 12:59, Jul 2009
The profil of the sound is shaped into a 3d form and become the object of it's sound. The actual shapes are NOCC's voices but the idea behind this..
Thu 23rd, 18:35, Jul 2009
Belgian design studio PleaseLetMeDesign created IQ font using Toyota IQ car.More about it and free download @
Tue 21st, 01:10, Jul 2009
the. design team is made up of Mihoko Ouichi and Sherwood Forlee who design humorous and eclectic wares which span from objects for the..
Mon 20th, 23:23, Jul 2009
Stadium consists of approximately 8.844 solar panels on a surface area of 14.155m2 intergrated into the roof construction.The form which..
Mon 20th, 23:14, Jul 2009
1000 kg of porcelain crockery produced by the famous tuscan factory of Richard Ginori (since 1735) are put into the hands of Paola..
Tue 7th, 14:51, Jul 2009
The biennial icograda world design congress will be held in beijing, china for the first time. From 24-30 october 2009, around 100 speakers and..
Fri 3rd, 18:43, Jul 2009
I've been buzy with the mid-summer day celebrations and offline for over a week.
Fri 19th, 11:25, Jun 2009
Thu 11th, 12:00, Jun 2009
New york lighting designer Lindsey Adelman combines her signature hand blown glass shades with intricately knotted rope. "The knotted rope"..
Tue 2nd, 16:41, Jun 2009
I'm posting additional shots from Sighnaghi to Batumi.
Tue 2nd, 16:35, Jun 2009
Railway was blown up day after we took it.
Thu 28th, 17:47, May 2009
We're through the eastern and central part of Georgia and arrived today to Batumi.
Fri 22nd, 11:47, May 2009
Lamp was exhibited in New York Design Week '09.More organic forms. 
Fri 22nd, 11:19, May 2009
We're off to Georgia.
Thu 21st, 11:02, May 2009
In case you've missed Kutiman's musical experiments - inspirational material.Go and see: Thru-YouI'm new and Someday
Tue 19th, 15:30, May 2009
We're off to Georgia in a few days.
Mon 18th, 23:26, May 2009
Hara Desing InstituteTokyo FiberYoutube video: Tokyo Fiber '09 Logo made of water
Mon 18th, 23:10, May 2009
Humans Since 1928Youtube video
Mon 18th, 11:43, May 2009
Thu 14th, 16:03, May 2009
Starting with Vasco da Gama.
Thu 14th, 00:14, May 2009
I'm not going to dig into much what was wrong with the event, luckily the content was good. Joshua Davis was a real disappointment.Inspiring -..
Wed 13th, 20:22, May 2009
Back from Lisbon.
Wed 13th, 20:17, May 2009
Pig flu or Swine flu symbol.
Fri 8th, 15:29, May 2009
there are approx. 3000-4000 people this year participating the event. So it's quite hostile environment to be honest :). Still, great lectures...
Fri 8th, 15:24, May 2009
Tue 5th, 00:14, May 2009
We're off to Lisbon.
Mon 4th, 14:48, May 2009
Wed 29th, 20:07, Apr 2009
Next week i'm off to OFFF 09 which will be held in Lisbon.I'm really looking forward seeing UVA, Alva Noto, Jason Bruges, Andreas Pihlström,..
Mon 27th, 12:46, Apr 2009
Fri 24th, 13:45, Apr 2009
Thu 23rd, 14:06, Apr 2009
This one goes to Margus and Liis.I'm breaking the habbit of not explaining things and letting people decide the meaning of things (if..
Wed 22nd, 14:00, Apr 2009
Today i went to work with Thomas. At lunchbreak i chased birds, watched Anni eat and later just relaxed and played american astronaut. In the..
Fri 17th, 15:19, Apr 2009
Couple of years ago I made quite many wallflower forms for smoothie-bar which became backlit wallflowers. You can find these at Coca–Cola..
Fri 17th, 15:01, Apr 2009
Pallucco will be launching a number of new products at the upcoming Milan Design Week '09 (22.04 – 27.04)More at Pallucco
Fri 17th, 13:19, Apr 2009
Their work will be shown as a part of the 'dutch invertuals' exhibition during the Milan Design Week 09Their webTheir Blog
Fri 17th, 12:09, Apr 2009
We cleaned a bit and as it tends to be - spring cleaning = tree chopping, leave burning, room dusting and window washing. Soon it's going to bloom..
Fri 17th, 10:38, Apr 2009
My mate Gert produced funky table called "Disorder".More info go to November AB
Thu 9th, 11:47, Apr 2009
To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.
Fri 3rd, 13:50, Apr 2009
Photos i've taken in the past. Not in any specific order – random and unorganized.
Fri 3rd, 11:53, Apr 2009
That was nice sunny sunday afternoon when i noticed these colors – just had to take a few shots.
Wed 1st, 18:00, Apr 2009
Wed 1st, 15:05, Apr 2009
I pimped a bit my iPhone – so i figured to distribute my iPhone wallpapers.
Sun 29th, 19:31, Mar 2009
Thu 26th, 12:23, Mar 2009
Thu 26th, 12:10, Mar 2009
Thu 26th, 11:20, Mar 2009
Thu 26th, 11:17, Mar 2009
Thu 26th, 11:14, Mar 2009
Sun 22nd, 17:34, Mar 2009
I wanted to get myself one of those, but unfortunatelly it's not possible to buy it with international plug. Of course, one can always DIY.
Sun 22nd, 14:43, Mar 2009
Sat 21st, 14:55, Mar 2009
Fri 20th, 19:56, Mar 2009
Thu 19th, 17:03, Mar 2009
Wed 18th, 18:10, Mar 2009
African girl's earring on copper plate.
Wed 18th, 14:53, Mar 2009
Painting by Chintis Lundgren.
Tue 17th, 17:11, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:31, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:30, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:29, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:27, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:26, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:26, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:26, Mar 2009
Recordcat saw a glimpse of daylight in Berlin, Pictoplasma festival, before dark things started happening. As it was no compliment to the real..
Tue 17th, 13:26, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:25, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:25, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:24, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:24, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:23, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:23, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:23, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:22, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:22, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:21, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:20, Mar 2009
Tue 17th, 13:18, Mar 2009
Mon 16th, 14:43, Mar 2009
Original photo of me by Kalle Veesaar.
Mon 30th, 00:00, Nov -0001
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